How to Find and Register Cheap Domains

Your domain name is very important for your website as it defines your brand. There are quite a few places where you can find a domain name to your liking, but there are few places you can find great deals on domain names. You do not have to host you

Secrets of Good Website Design Code

If someone says that a website has good design, they're usually referring to the colors, the fonts, the placement of components or the images chosen by the designer. But research has shown that a pretty website is not necessary a great performing one

Learn How to start Designing a website

Building a website using site builder is very easy and quick. In this guide we will walk you through the steps that will help you get better in designing your own website. To design your own website, follow the following steps. Choose your plan

How to use coupons?

Locate your desired web hosting  coupon (you may sort by date added, expiration date, or coupon rating) Click the "Redeem Coupon" button on the bottom right of the  coupon A window will pop up prompting you that the coupon has been activated