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How does it work?

  • Click an offer and start shopping online like you normally would (go directly from our website)
  • Meet the minimum amount before fees, taxes, shipping and handling and after any other discounts are applied
  • We'll verify that your purchase meets the requirements for the offer (normally 7-21 days)
  • Contact us with your order details and provide your email address so we know where to send updates.
  • Once approved, the cash back reward will be added to your account on our website. was designed to make it easy for you to find website hosting discount codes for whatever you need for your website. We regroup all the best deals and give you free access to coupon codes in an easy to find place - so don’t forget to stop-by before you shop for web hosting solutions and service!
There’s absolutely no signup required. Using coupons is free so there’s no reason for an account.
Coupons also called discount codes are used to get bargains/markdowns in the price of a specific item, in this case website hosting products and services. Instead of coupon codes, sometimes they are referred to as: Vouchers Codes Discount vouchers Promotional codes Promo codes
If you have not noticed, our website is brimming with coupon codes. To access them, simply click the “view coupon” button beside the promotion that you are interested in. To find more coupons, you can either search directly in a search engine or visit a website. Did you see your favourite web hosting provider on our website? Visit their website, there is a chance they are running promotion at this moment. Enjoy the deals!
Using our coupons is easy like a-b-c: a) Locate your desired web hosting coupon and click the “Get Code” button on the top right of the coupon. b) A window will pop up prompting you that the coupon has been activated, and you will be redirected to the web hosting company website to use the coupon. c) Some web hosting companies may require you to paste or type in a promotional code during the sign-up process in order to fully activate the coupon. The pop-up window will give you any additional instructions needed during the sign-up process.
Is your promotional code giving an \'invalid\' message? It is possible that there is a simple typo. On the other hand, there are various reasons why your code probably won\'t work. These include: i) Expired code: Promotional codes are often set with an expiration date. This means there is a limited time to use them. To find the usage date, check the terms and conditions of the website’s promotion. So, in this case, attempting to recover this promotion code is unlikely. Once the due date is gone, they will no longer work. ii) Exclusions: Some promo codes won\'t work for specific brands, products and might exclude several products and services on a website. Details on what the promo excludes is often mentioned in the promo terms and conditions. iii) The code is case sensitive: Case/font is often not an issue, however, a few codes might require that you type them in exactly the same. That is in “lower” or “UPPER” case font. Always copy and paste the codes on our website to avoid this. iv) Location: Some websites restrict the location they want to offer promotions in. If a code is geo-restricted, it simply means it is only valid in a certain country of location. iv) The code was not activated: In this case, it is wise to check with the retailer, as it could be that the code is not yet active or was not activated properly. If the code is improperly activated on their end, a quick message will do. Plus, they\'re normally very happy about fixing the issue for you in an instant. All things considered, they need you to shop with them!