5 Best Domain Name Generators

5 Best Domain Name Generators

Ready to share your web content with the world but don’t have a domain name? Or did you create one that hits home, is unique, catchy, marketable and works for you only to find out it’s taken? Well in this article, you will get familiar with 5 of the best domain name generators that can save you the hassle and stress of producing one yourself.

First Things First

Before we delve into domain name generators, let’s look at some domain name basics that you ought to know.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is basically the address of your website on the web. It is highly possible that you have seen them. cnn.com, amazon.com, hostific.com and so on. This is what visitors to a website type into a browser to access a website’s content.

Choosing a Domain Name

In choosing a domain name, try to keep the following in mind.

  • Register a .com domain as it is most recognized.
  • Short, simple but unique works
  • Keywords are helpful
  • Try to stay clear of hyphens
  • Don’t break trademark laws

Domain Name Costs

Different providers will give different costs however, the most important thing is to find the domain name service provider that works for you.

Top 5 Best Domain Name Generators

Now that we have gone through the basics, let’s get into finding you a domain name generator.

1. Shopify Business Name Generator


Image credit: Shopify

Shopify offers free tools to many of their visitors and among them is a great business name generator. It is one of the easier generators to use and also prides itself with speed. If it is that you are looking to start your online store, then Shopify may be the right tool for you to start your business domain name ideas

2. E-hosting.lu Domain Search

E-hosting.lu offers free domain search tool to many of their visitors. It is one of the easier generators to use and also prides itself with speed. So, if it is that you are looking to start your online store, then E-hosting.lu domain search is the right tool for you. Not to mention you can get hundreds of top lu domain names right on this site.

3. BNG Name generator


Image credit: BNG Business Name generator

This is another generator that prides itself in speed. BNG provides a number of combinations when you enter keywords related to your brand. You have the capability to refine your search, set a new search or look through your results to explore other ideas.

4. BlogTyrant

BlogTyrant as the name suggests, provides a quick domain name generator with a bias for bloggers. If it is that you are into blogging, their domain name generator is ideal to generate scores of ideas that may be suitable for the content you intend to share with your visitors.

5. Nameboy

One of the best domain name generators out there is Nameboy. It is also one of the most-known and trusted on the market dating back to 1999 when it started. How does it work? Well, remember we mentioned that keywords are helpful. Simply enter a bunch of keywords into the platform and Nameboy will generate some cool domain name ideas you will find rather helpful. Nameboy is known for its fast speed so you won’t have to spend hours looking through unwanted results. They also provide podcast name generators, blog name generators and so on which you may find useful.